Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Oregon, My Oregon

Gorgeous, lush landscapes… Wildlife and trees aplenty… Crystal clear waters… And some of the most spectacular coastline and sunsets mine eyes have seen…

OregonOften when I tell someone that I’m from Oregon, the topic of conversation doesn’t start there. Instead, it turns to rain and clouds and doesn’t that get you down because I don’t know what I’d do without sunshine chit-chatty things. And I’m happy to indulge those attitudes because while Oregon, my Oregon, is anything but a downer, many of us who live here would prefer to keep it our little secret.

Because sure, we have clouds, and yes, we get more than our share of rain—and thank goodness for that because without it, we’d lose our green, which is what called to my soul and drew me here in the first place. I’ve spent more days on the beaches here in sweatshirts and jackets than in bikinis and shorts... and guess what? Instead of stepping over and around crowds of glistening bodies, more often than not, I get that little bit of coastline all to myself, and that, to me, is pure bliss. What’s more, when those sunny days do arrive, they’re rarely taken for granted (which is something I dare say happened a bit too often when I lived further south)—and that, in and of itself, is a blessing in my life.

Plus, what's not to love about being surrounded by so many like-minded peeps! Of course, not everyone here has the same outlook and values as I do, but the ratio is far higher than anywhere else I’ve lived, and that’s just one more aspect I vow to never take for granted because it has made my journey into veganism all the easier. Because to me, and to many of us who relate to this cause, veganism isn’t just about diet. And it isn’t just about animal welfare and animal rights, though those are both principles very dear to my heart. Veganism is also about compassion, respect, and the interconnectedness of all life—values that I feel that Oregon embodies and inspires and that many of her residents graciously display.

Oregon, my Oregon, I’m so grateful to call you home, and though I have often abstained from revealing your glories because it’s all too tempting to keep you all to ourselves, I am finally making the exception, here in this blog for those who manage to seek it out, because the joys you have brought into my life by helping me to appreciate the simpler things in life deserve to be shared with anyone who may be on, or is considering, a similar journey.

Are you on a similar journey? I'd love to hear about it…and your Oregon adventures, too! Comment below and share what you love about this very special state and all that it has inspired in you.

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