Friday, December 23, 2016

Where to Eat Vegan in Eugene / Springfield

A small gift from me to you...

I recently helped the Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN) put together a portable PDF guide to vegan restaurants and vegan carts in the Eugene/Springfield area.

It lists 47 locations, separated into 3 categories: 100% Vegan, Vegetarian With Vegan Options, and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants (i.e., those that serve all sorts of food but have vegan options listed on their menus). 

Print yours out here

Enjoy!  :)


  1. Sometimes it gets so difficult to findout vegan restaurant in nearby areas. You have provided great help to all the vegetarian live in the vacinity of spring field by telling them about vegan restaurants.

    1. Thanks! Let me know if you visit any - I'd love to hear about your experience!